5 Ways to Keep your Dog Hip and Trendy
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Pet parents are proud and show off their dogs like mothers and fathers dote on their children.  Much like a mom dressing her little girl in a frilly dress, dog moms (and some dog dads) love to dress up their pooch in the latest styles and fashions.  From bling collars to light up dog leashes, there are many ways to keep your pet the talk of the neighborhood or dog park.

Clothing and Coats
The most common accessory that can be found at any pet store is clothing for pets.  Clothing ranges from simple t-shirts with funny sayings to fancy dresses.  Coats are often available with a water resistant outside and warm fleece inside.  While some people might think putting a dog in clothes is over the top, pet clothes are functional.  There are many breeds such as Greyhounds, Dobermans and Chihuahuas that have thin fur and get cold easily.  Clothes help keep them warm and stylish.

Collars are an opportunity to let your dog’s personality show.  A girly girl needs a pink collar with lots of sparkle while a tough guy needs a thick leather collar with studs.  Collars come in a variety of materials and with different clasps.  There are traditional buckle collars and safety breakaways clasps.

Leashes are extensions of the collar and more often than not match. Matching is not necessary, however.  There are different length and retractable options.  Light up dog leashes are a new way to draw attention to you and your dog.  In a safety sense, traffic is able to see you and other pet parents are going to want to know where you got your light up dog leash.

Toe Polish
This one is just for the girls.  Many grooming salons and boutiques will leave their clients with painted toe nails.  Many nail polish companies have their own special pet-safe lines just for animals.  This is a perfect way for a girl to be a girl.

Hair Accessories and Bandanas
Grooming salons often pamper their clients with fancy shampoos and sprays and leave them with bows in their hair or bandanas around their neck.  This is also a simple yet cute way to dress your pet up for special occasions. 

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