Choosing Your Steampunk Style
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Steampunk is a Jules Verne delight combining the delicate more feminine touches of Victorian style with the sci-fi look of the industrial age. If you picture the movie set from “My Fair Lady” and combine it with “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” you are getting close to the look. Choosing your steampunk style will involve a number of choices that can be subtle or blatant, feminine or industrial.

Aviator Chic

A big part of steampunk style is taking influences from the first aviators. Think of Amelia Earhart with her goggles above her head and her tight fitted aviation head gear to get started on this look. You can look at leather style bomber jackets, goggles and leather hats with fur flaps for outer wear. Leather gloves either fingerless or buttoned work well to capture the spirit of the aviator. You can look for pants that are half equine chic and half World War I trenches and toned down colours in earthy tones. Flat, heavy rider style boots are the perfect accessory to tie it all together.

Blinded by Science

The sci-fi influences of steampunk are undeniable and with this look you can seek out accessories that will make you look like you stepped out of a Victorian lab. You can consider layering longer skirts with aprons, choosing long leather gloves and looking at old school wire framed glasses, preferably in yellow metals. You can also accessorise with items such as pocket watches attached to a vest. Flat heavy footwear or lace up boots can complete this look nicely.

Western Woman

Another movie influence is Will Smith’s “Wild, Wild West”. This look is a cross between Annie git your guns and a touch of Victorian feminine but more someone you would meet in a saloon as opposed to a parlour enjoying tea. Knee high boots, frilly/lacy blouses, can can style skirts and fun additions such as a side weapon complete with leather holster tie in with this steampunk style.

Aristocratic Artistry

For a real high end look, the aristocrat look from the Victorian era allows you to show off a little. Choosing your steampunk style can definitely lean towards the upper crust look of this highly chic and stylised fashion. Luxurious velvet, plenty of lace and corsets and interesting top hats all work together to create the perfect look from the age of innocence. However you can play it a little on the sexy side with lace up corset style vests and blouses and go ankle length or above the knee with frilly layered skirts paired with cute little lace up leather booties or thigh high black leather with strappy details.

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