Choosing the Right Holy Communion Dress
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The first communion is a very important day for your Catholic daughter and usually requires you to purchase a brand new dress that will give the day the honor and remembrance it deserves. Young girls love to go through first communion dresses and choose the perfect one, whether online or in a store, though it can be difficult for the parents to make the right decisions based on what their daughters want.


Buying online dresses is a great choice for many busy families, but it is important to get a dress that fits properly by having the right measurements. You’ll need to measure and write down the measurements for the waist, bust, hips, inside sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, neck to waist, arm width and from the neck to the hem of the dress length to ensure you have the right size. Check the website’s sizing chart because many times, dresses are a different size than traditional clothing.


It is important to know about dress terms, such as tea length, empire waist, and a-line. Most first communion dresses are designed to be tea length or about mid-calf and may include a fitted top with a wider hem. Empire waist dresses have a raised waistline and can fall to just below the bust, which is helpful for larger girls, and an a-line skirt will be fitted at the waist and will widen toward the bottom.


Most families have a long-standing tradition for their communion dresses, and it is important to stay within that tradition for most families. This may include many frills or a no-nonsense type of dress or may include special symbols.


Your child has a personality all her own and it is important to consider that for her first holy communion dress. She won’t feel comfortable and happy in something she doesn’t like, even if you think it is the best choice. Compromise may be required so that you feel she looks radiant, and she feels comfortable.

Vanity Versus Beauty

It is traditional that the communion dresses look appropriate and beautiful because this is a special day. However, it can easily turn into a princess moment and take away from the blessed event if your daughter looks and acts more like a princess than a recipient of the communion. Dressing up for the event is more about the honor and Sacrament and not just for the pretty effect and long-lasting photos.

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