Deciding to Get Glass Repair in Seymour, IN on Old Windows
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Windows are an essential part of any home, they block frigid air from entering during the winter months and allow air to circulate during warm months. Unfortunately, windows tend to suffer wear and tear over time, and either needs to be repaired or replaced. There are situations where repairing the window is ideal, and there are times when windows need to be replaced; homeowners have to learn how to differentiate between the two.

Many homeowners believe that installing new windows is the only way to save energy and money; this is simply untrue. If the windows in the home are vintage, replacing them can actually decrease the home's property value. Windows can be repaired, and more money can be saved by getting all of the air leaks sealed within their structure. However, the decision to get Glass Repair Seymour IN isn't always this simple: sometimes there are other factors that may call for a window replacement.

Rotting wood, broken window panes or seals, cranky windows, and drafts are a cause for concern. It is nearly impossible for these things to be fixed in most windows, old and new. Windows should be inspected to determine the extent of damage and the amount of repair needed. However, before inspecting windows it is important to keep in mind that any windows installed prior to 1978 could contain traces of lead, and a professional should be called for inspection.

If there is water and air leaking into the house, the frames, sashes or dividers could be deteriorating. Depending on the severity of the rot, the area could be patched with epoxy or replaced. If the damage is only in certain spots, it's safe to repair, if not, it's best to replace. Broken panes with scratches or cracks should be replaced if it is inexpensive, but some can be repaired.

For windows with broken seals that allow condensation between the glass, it is best to replace the sash, as this prolongs the life of the window and saves the frame. Windows with cranks that are difficult to turn should get glass repair in Seymour IN unless replacement parts are easy to find. Drafty windows can be fixed with a tube of caulk, and up to 20% of savings on energy bills can be the result of fixing drafts. No matter if it's repair or replacement, homeowners should always consult professionals like Kenny Glass at before considering either option.

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