Do you know how to Avoid Blocked Drains?
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So many home owners could avoid paying for costly drain clearing services by understanding what you should not do when it comes to your drains. Making the mistake that your toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks can be used as a quick and easy way of disposing objects, paper products and other gunk can lead to very costly plumbing down the road. Here are a few tips any plumber in Suffolk County would give to help you avoid running into costly blocked drains.

What you Shouldn’t Flush or Drain

It is easy to imagine any number of things can easily be flushed or washed down the drain without any issues. However many of the items people see go down the drain or flush without any issues are actually out of sight but not out of mind. Any of the following items can seem to be flushed away but are in fact building into a clog or complete blockage:

  • For foods and food products in the kitchen never try to wash fats of any kind including lards, fat from meats such as bacon, cooking oils, butter and margarine.
  • Do not flush or try to wash away food scraps no matter how small or harmless they might appear
  • Do not try to dispose of old jarred sauces or even melted ice cream and any kind of dairy products that might have soured
  • When it comes to the toilet the only thing that is acceptable to flush is human waste and toilet paper

What Clears Block Drains

If despite all your efforts you are still stuck with a clog or blockage a plumber will have to be called to clear it for you. High pressure water jetters work very effectively to blast away anything that is clogged and can even work to clear roots in pipes from large trees on you property. If there are serious problems a plumber will use a camera to check out what is causing the issues so they know where the block is located as well as what is causing it. Sometimes an electric eel drain is required for blockages to punch holes in blocks to allow the water to flush away the mess.

 Following these simple tips will help avoid the need to call a plumber Suffolk County needs to clear their drains.

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