Eco-Friendly Flooring Options
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When you have a home project that includes flooring, you may want to consider environmentally-friendly flooring or sustainable flooring. This type of flooring is made of natural materials; such as, wood, cork, bamboo and recycled materials. If you are environmentally conscience you might opt for this sort of flooring. Anyone who suffers from allergies or who have breathing problems; such as asthma, may consider having sustainable flooring installed. The wood that is used can then be reused over again. Since this wood has been harvested for a long time, it is usually more durable than newer wood flooring. Sustainable flooring is offered in more prices, colors and textures, then ever before. With so many benefits and the amount of options, you may want to know which type of sustainable flooring options are available to you. Here are some of the environmentally-friendly flooring that you will be able to find at most Phoenix carpet companies.

Types of Sustainable Flooring

Carpet is made with toxic chemicals. Since so many people are requesting sustainable flooring, it is no wonder that many carpet companies have started offering more eco-friendly carpeting options. Some of the trends we are now seeing are carpets made from recycled fibers, non-toxic carpeting, PVC free carpet tiles and renewable materials. Cork flooring is a great renewable and pliable material. This type of flooring offers a variety of benefits. It is resistant to mildew, water resistant, absorbs sound and is insulating. Cork flooring can be purchased in an array of textures and colors. Bamboo is a good choice because it is easily grown, durable and has is visibly appealing. Reclaimed wood flooring is another eco-friendly flooring option. This type of wood flooring is kiln-dried and cleaned and is a beautiful flooring option. Linoleum flooring is good for anyone who has a modest budget. More of them are made of renewable materials with no volatile organic compounds found in them. At this stage, selecting a sustainable floor is not as challenging as it once was. With all the many options that are available today, there is no doubt that you will be able to find one that will work for your needs. To find out about other options that may be available to you for environmentally-friendly flooring, contact your local Phoenix carpet company. They will be able to find a carpeting solution that will work best for your flooring needs.


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