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Clocks are truly an ingenious item. In the past, famous people such as King Louis XVI of France loved to tinker with his collection of clocks. It was once said he would have been far happier as a watchmaker than a King. Louis XVI had the time and money for a watch and clock collection. At one time, only the wealthy class could afford them. An indoor or outdoor wall clock was beyond the means of many people until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The town and/or local church may have had one, but the average person did not.

Types of Wall Clocks

Today, we can choose from many different makes and types of clocks. Wall clocks have remained popular even in an age where clocks are digital. The latest models can resemble antiques or come in riotous colors. They may be made of:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Brass and other metals
  • Glass

They can come in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes. This makes it easier for either an indoor or outdoor wall clock to match the décor and tastes of anyone. It also insures that the cost of an indoor or outdoor wall clock can vary wildly making sure everyone can afford some sort of wall clock.

Where to find an Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock

If you are looking for the perfect clock, you are in luck. They are readily available from different sources. These include:

  • Auction sales – sometimes the best source for older wall clocks
  • Auction websites – these, are found with a simple click of the mouse. This milieu allows you lots of time to browse and even make a bid online
  • Retail outlets – most stores have a clock or two. They may not be large wall clocks, but who says size is everything?
  • Online retail outlets. Like auction websites, you can browse to your heart’s delight. You can compare prices easily and make a decision based on your own specific criteria
  • Specialty stores – some stored specialize in time pieces, and may even carry a very particular outdoor wall clock

Clocks serve a purpose. Even an outdoor wall clock is intended to tell time. Yet, beyond the purely functional, a clock can be considered an esthetically pleasing object. It can match the décor of your home, sit on your patio or provide you with joy when you give it as a gift to someone you like.



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