Is An Auto Accident Attorney Really A Necessity?
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Although no two auto accidents are the same the one common denominator is that they all tend to bring forth many more questions than they do answers. The parties involved in the accident want to know who is to blame; they are concerned about who will pay for the repair or replacement of their vehicle and who will take care of all the doctors and hospital bills? These are only a few of the questions that an auto accident lawyer in New Jersey can help answer and of equal importance a seasoned lawyer will know how to deal with the insurance companies. As the majority of personal injury lawyers work on contingency, which means they get their fee paid when they win an award for their client, it makes little sense not to hire a lawyer rather than try to handle a legal issue yourself.

Knows the law:

What is important in any legal matter, including being involved in an auto accident is that you have a professional by your side, a person who is intimate with the law as well as the convoluted procedural rules that are in place should the case go to court.

Your auto accident lawyer in New Jersey knows exactly what the statute of limitations is for filing a lawsuit. There is only a certain time frame in which a lawsuit can be filed, if this is not met then you may be barred from filing a case. Although the statute of limitations does tend to vary somewhat depending on the jurisdiction it is usually about two years.

A personal injury lawyer deals with auto accident cases frequently, as a result the lawyer will know the best way to handle any issues raised by the defendant. The lawyer, being schooled on the rules of court and all the procedures demanded by the court knows how to bring the case to trial should it go that far.

Does the legwork:

A seasoned attorney will know exactly how to organize all the evidence that is collected and use this evidence to prepare a demand letter to the insurers. If this initial demand does not result in a favorable response the attorney will know how to file the paperwork that is needed to take the case in front of a judge and jury.

The beauty of having a car accident lawyer in New Jersey by your side is that you have an advocate that will act for you and you alone.  Your lawyer will attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement but if this is not possible he or she will champion the case in the court if necessary.

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