Lease & Finance Software for Landlords
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As a landlord or property manager you need a comprehensive and simple system that allows you to manage your properties with ease and in a timely manner. With lease & finance software you can create rental agreements for your tenants so that they'll have a written document stating their rights and responsibilities as well as theirs. You can also use this software to create invoices of rent that is due soon and receipts to give those who paid rent on the due dates. If your tenants need repairs to be made in their apartments, this software keeps you on track of the progress of those repairs and the expenses associated with the repairs.

Online Payment Features for Your Tenants

When you have lease and finance software, you're able to make it convenient for your tenants to pay rent on time. This software allows you to create a feature on your website where your tenants can pay their rent online rather than pay it in person or mail in a check. It saves time and you'll keep better records of your rental income.

Contract Management

Another benefit of having lease and finance software is that contract management is easier to do. If you're a commercial property owner and you have multiple leases with different tenants in your building you can look over each contract in the event a tenant disputes certain terms in the contract. You can also inform tenants when their leases will need to be renewed soon.

Keeping Track of Expenses Associated With Your Properties

The good thing about lease and finance software is that you can keep track of your expenses that are associated with your properties and the leases you have with tenants. These expenses include maintenance of your properties, taxes paid on the properties, insurance payments on the properties and the mortgage you pay on them each month as well as utilities.

We live in a time when technology affects all kinds of businesses and this includes property management. With the best lease management software you can organize your leases in an efficient way and without sacrificing the quality of your service to your clients. Make sure you buy high quality software that is also affordable for your budget. With this software you save time and you can focus more on providing new services. The software benefits tenants by allowing them to quickly receive answers to their questions.

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