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Every year, consumers search for the latest trends. These can be seen in stores all across the country. Even a mattress store in Lafayette is not exempt from trying to provide people with the latest products on the market. New products are constantly trying to establish concrete foot holds among mattress buyers.

Specialty Mattresses
According to Consumer Mattress Reports, specialty mattresses are going to continue to expand as their popularity increases. This includes the ever-popular memory foam mattress. Individuals want to achieve a good night’s sleep. They see specialty mattresses as a means of reaching this goal.
Another factor contributing to this interest is a greater awareness of how sleep can be affected by certain conditions. If a mattress fails to address the body’s needs, it can result in poor sleep patterns. As a result, people with sore backs, specific physical problems and/or suffering from sleep disorders may turn to specialty mattresses to find a solution. Moreover, surveys indicate specialty mattresses receive favorable reviews and increased owner satisfaction. A mattress store needs to realize this growing trend if the owner wishes to encourage new business.

Hybrid Mattresses
While specialty mattresses continue to attract new customers, a traditional mattress store in Lafayette can continue to thrive. This is the result of the makers of traditional innerspring mattresses continuing to provide newer variations to the market. The latest trend among innerspring mattress producers is an increase in hybrid mattress products. These are products that utilize old standards in newer forms.
Makers of coil mattresses will continue to combine this basic technology with new advances. Traditional coil spring mattresses will continue to cross with memory foam to create a variety of hybrid products. In addition, coil springs will combine with latex or gel to produce new variations on a theme. The result should see the continuation of inner springs retaining their popularity and continuing to sell well in any mattress store around the world.
Another potential direction, producers are beginning to look at concerns air beds. These are becoming adjustable. They are also featuring layers of different substances or materials. Among the most common are:

  • Gel
  • Latex
  • Visco elastic foam

Green, Eco-Friendly and/or Organic Mattresses
The search for better ways to live involves, for many, purchasing environmentally friendly products. This is becoming increasingly common in many a mattress store in Lafayette and across the United States. In an attempt to avoid the use of non-renewable and even toxic or questionable substances in the manufacturing of mattresses, some are turning to green mattresses. This even includes green memory foam.
Trends are changing in the mattress market place. While it may be difficult to find green memory foam products in a mattress store in Lafayette, it is not impossible. Tastes are changing and with them, the idea of what exactly makes a perfect mattress. From specialty to hybrids to Green mattress products, the industry is responding with a commitment to the consumer they hope will pay off. If you are tired of looking for that perfect Mattress Store In Lafayette, why not go online? At Mattress Direct, you can see what products we have to offer quickly from the comfort of your own home. Check out what we have to offer you and your family at

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