Popular Features found in Corporate Apartments
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Renting Corporate Apartments In New York City can provide you with a number of amenities and services that are not available in traditional apartments. If you are considering this type of rental for your accommodations while in a certain area, learn about some of the features you can expect to receive. These features will make your stay much more pleasant and efficient, and the best part is these apartments are offered at affordable rates.

Landline with Speakerphone Capabilities

While a landline can seem unimportant in an era where cell phones rule, having dropped calls can be a huge problem. For any type of business or conference call, having a landline available can be a lifesaver. Additionally, these landlines offered in the apartments typically feature speakerphone, making it more of an amenity. When you are looking for a corporate apartment to rent, be sure this is a feature listed in the ad.

Cable TV and Wi-Fi Internet

When someone is renting a corporate apartment they likely want to avoid the hassle of a traditional apartment – having to handle turning on and off services – but still be able to enjoy the basics; this includes internet access and cable TV. Be sure these are offered amenities before you select your corporate apartment.

An Office Area

If you will be traveling for business, you will likely need a space to work during your stay. Look for corporate apartment listings that list a desk or office space. If you are unsure, ask before making any type of commitment. This will be an essential part of ensuring you can work during your stay.

Basic Furnishings and Décor

One of the biggest appealing factors offered by corporate apartments is the fact that they are furnished. A tip to renting a furnished apartment is to ensure that the pieces that are used are tasteful and simple. If you plan to be doing any type of business out of the space, chances are you don’t need a leopard print ottoman in the middle of the room.

While corporate apartments are no longer just for business people, this is who they were originally designed for. As a result, they offer many features and amenities that are usually found in a hotel, but suited for an apartment. This makes them an extremely appealing to travelers that will be staying in a certain area that want to avoid the hassle that goes along with an extensive move.


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