Property Management Solutions for Your Commercial Rental
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Managing more than one commercial rental property can be challenging.  There are so many elements to coordinate on a daily basis.  With many types of software available to provide property management solutions, Fort Smith property managers can stay on task, become more organized, and keep daily operations running smoothly.

Budgeting and Forecasting
Sometimes, property managers need property management solutions for budgeting and forecasting since these relate to the financial side of the business.  Make good business decisions by using software to provide lease-level scenarios, budget planning, and comparisons between actual and planned revenues.  Software can also give property managers insight as to how they can manage their properties.

Tenant Self-Help Features
By giving tenants access to all the features they need, they can make rent payments, download statements, submit maintenance requests, and check the status of these requests.  With the right software, property managers can add important information for renters, such as news updates and calendars.  By providing all this information upfront, property managers can focus on running the property instead of tending to numerous tenant requests.

Collaboration Features
By using one intuitive platform, property owners, managers, vendors, tenants, and staff can collaborate effectively.  Tenant services, maintenance issues, and all other daily aspects can be accessed from any device – even from a smartphone when on the go.  Tenants can use the software to report service issues easily, while vendors can check the status of repairs and see what other issues need to be handled.

Retail Functionality
Property management solutions can increase retail functionality.  With the many available features, such as rent projections, you can project your property’s future income and make better decisions.  With some programs, you can even compare the success of your properties to national tenants and get a glimpse of retail trends, sales history, and lease details.

If you have a rental, we have solutions.  At Real Property Management River Valley Team, we will take care of your property like it is our own.

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