Protect Your Employees With Custom Printed Safety Vests
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You observe wrecker drivers frequently on the side of the highway using their tow truck to get cars off the side or removing them from accident locations. Construction workers and flaggers risk their lives daily working out on the highway to improve road conditions. Same with firefighters and EMS personnel. Oncoming traffic continues to zoom by some barely giving an inch of room. Hunters during hunting season always wear the reflective orange hunting jackets to keep themselves visible to other hunters. During the day, it's bad enough but what can a person do to protect himself and be visible to others at night, when the sun goes down?

Florescent yellow with retro-reflective strips is a perfect color for high visibility safety vests. High visibility clothing is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE). Clothing that is highly reflective or having colors such as florescent green, yellow or orange are more easily seen during the day, during bad weather and at night. There are ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 safety vests available and are required by law if you work on roads that are traveled by the public, which includes private property. This regulation was passed because of the increase of injuries and deaths caused by vehicles and construction equipment while working on roadways.

  • Popular Vest Styles
  • Breakaway vests are designed to break away from the body quickly.
  • Chevron vests feature one-piece wrap around design and Chevron reflective stripe.
  • First responder and firefighter safety vests have a one piece wrap around design and 5-point breakaway with tabs for microphones.
  • Public safety vests feature a 5-point breakaway to help prevent entanglement with snap-up design.
  • Reflective vests are highly visible and constructed with florescent mesh fabric.

Surveyor vests contain four outside pockets and two inside pockets with a zipper front closure and 2" reflective tape. The pockets are perfect for individuals who survey as they give extra room for pens, pencils and other surveying tools.

There are custom printed safety vests available as well with your business logo imprinted that have a very quick turnaround. High-visibility safety clothing should be replaced when they fade, become dirty, wear out or are no longer visible at night up to 1,000 feet.

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