Questions About The Procedures Of A Cosmetic Surgeon In Aurora
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If you're unhappy with your appearance, you might be considering cosmetic surgery. When you have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in Aurora, he can explain the different types of procedures available to help you achieve the look you want. Below are some common questions about cosmetic surgery in IL.

Q.) After having three children, I no longer have the body I used to have. Can a cosmetic surgeon in Aurora help me get my body back?

A.) Many mothers are unhappy with their shape after having children and one of the most popular procedures they request is a mommy makeover. This consists of breast surgery to lift and enlarge your breasts, and liposuction and a tummy tuck to get rid of loose skin on your belly. The surgeon can also minimize the presence of stretch marks. After having these procedures, your body will look more youthful as it did before childbirth.

Q.) I have lines, wrinkles and age spots on my skin that make me look old, but I don't want to have a face lift. Are there other procedures available in IL to make me look younger?

A.) If you don't want to have a face lift, you may want to have laser treatments instead. These non-surgical procedures will smooth out your lines and wrinkles, and your age spots will disappear. The three types of laser treatments available are Broad Band Light, Profractional Laser Therapy and Skin Resurfacing.
Q.) I have constant backaches because my breasts are so large. Does this make me a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

A.) In addition to backaches, neck or shoulder pain, you may also have bra strap imprints in your shoulders due to the weight of your breasts. If you're experiencing any of these types of pain, you're a great candidate for breast reduction surgery. A cosmetic surgeon in Aurora can reduce the size of your breasts so they're more in proportion to your body and you won't have pain anymore.

The Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in IL specializes in face, breast and body cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures. Visit their website at for before and after photographs of actual patients who have had cosmetic procedures.

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