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Without the ability to provide reliable service to tenants, you may find your occupancy rates slipping and your vacancy gaps increasing.  Landlords have an obligation to address the needs of their tenants within a timely manner and see to it ordinary and emergency repairs alike are made quickly and efficiently.  If tenants are unsatisfied and feel as though their concerns are being neglected, they will be more likely to vacate when their rental agreement is up.  However, you can promote tenant retention by providing responsive repairs and save money in the process through property management services.  Sacramento managers have decades of experience in creating harmony between owners and tenants as well as utilizing their growing lists of professional connections.

Quick Access
Tenants of landlords who hire property management companies are granted access to personal web portals that allow them to send quick requests to managers.  For instance, if a tenant’s bathroom ventilator is not working properly or their sink continuously clogs, they can send along a message to the manager to ask for timely assistance.  These portals help lower the number of phone calls from tenants and, instead, provide managers with a more convenient method of addressing each concern individually.  As opposed to of having to keep track of voicemails and write down notes, the messages from tenants are already organized and viewable online.

Vendor Discounts
Large-scale management companies that have been in business for a considerable amount of time usually have a wide network of vendors, including licensed contractors, landscapers, handymen, etc.  When work needs to be completed on your property, a manager will normally consult you first, depending on the terms outlined in your contract.  Once they have your approval, they will do their best to find the right specialist for the job.  Normally, vendors offer discounted yet quality work, which removes the burden of expensive repair bills.  Property management services ensure that tenants receive speedy service and that the owner’s reserves are kept in good condition.

Real Property Management owns and operates 200 offices locally and nationally.  With over 2½ decades of experience behind them, investors can feel secure in their ability to provide quality services. 

 Are you searching for a reliable property management services in Sacramento area to increase your rental revenue, Contact Real Property Management Sac-Metro. They make the process of property management as seamless as possible for both you and your tenants.

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