Should a Property Manager Use Google+?
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The number of internet marketing tools a property manager should use seems to grow daily.  In order to market a rental to the largest number of people possible, more and more rental companies are turning to social media, such as Google+.  Google+ is a great way for prospects to look for local places of interest, including rentals.  In addition, it can facilitate the rental process.  Here are some other things to consider when deciding whether or not your property management business will benefit from Google+.

Google+ is not used by just a few people here and there.  Since launching in June 2011, Google+ has accumulated 400 million users.  Although Facebook has more than one billion users, Google+ has a much higher growth rate – four times higher in fact.

Google+ is, of course, linked to Google – the world’s top search engine.  When you type in a keyword or location, Google can sort search results by whether or not a post was by a Google+ user.  This influences users, as Google+ users tend to be viewed as trusted sources.  This will undoubtedly lead more people to become Google+ users – like a form of prestige.

In real estate, it is all about location.  Google+ is linked to Google Places, which allows locals to find places in the area that match their keyword terms.  So if they search “apartments” or “property rentals,” your rental will likely show up.  These local search results are very helpful for a property manager.  Connecticut rentals can be found easily with Google+’s capabilities.

In a Google hangout, you can video chat with up to nine clients at the same time.  You can also share documents and screens and watch YouTube videos together.  This is a great way to show prospects a rental property.  This would save time by not having to do multiple showings.  You can have a Q&A session and answer everyone’s questions at once.

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