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If your appreciate art then you probably have high standards when it comes to taking care of your art. You know that your art deserves the right treatment. Whether you’re jetting off around the world for a simple business trip or a prolonged holiday, or even if you’re traveling nationally, you should keep your art safe when away. The best way to do this is to find a quality art storage company, a company that can offer delicate treatment, respect and climate control storage in Los Angeles.

Why do I Need Museum Standard Storage?

Museum standard storage simply offers a state of the art, artificial environment that protects your fine art from any outside disturbances, here’s a few examples:

If you leave fine art alone for a while dust can form on the canvas, eating away at the canvas and colors. Also without regular checking your art can be overly exposed to sunlight, again causing the color to fade. Safety can be of prime importance when leaving your home empty for a while, even with the most state of the art alarm system your art will still be at risk. By placing it in storage you make sure your art is in a safe place. Sometimes, when between houses or when you unexpectedly acquire a work of art, you find you have nowhere to put it. In this case, long term storage is required, giving you the opportunity to utilize climate control storage in Los Angeles, especially in the summers.

What does Museum Standard Storage Involve?

This standard of storage is typical in the fine art industry. It offers owners of art a highly specialized facility in which professionals, trained specifically in the handling and storage of art, take constant care of your pieces. A good storage house will have:

Museum-Quality Climatization - This shall ensure that your art is always in a controlled atmosphere, making sure the humidity is perfect along with light and dust exposure. Climate control storage in Los Angeles can prove very beneficial, protecting the art from all the pollution LA has to throw at it.

24 Hour Protection- You need to be sure that when you leave something in storage it will be there when you come back. With museum standard storage, the industry standard dictates your art is monitored 24 hours a day, without any public access. These storage spaces are normally confidential, so typically only the representative will know who you are, saving your works from any targeted crimes.
Safety- Most facilities will make sure your possessions are in a fire and smoke proof area and are always handled with utmost care, giving you the peace of mind that nothing will destroy your valuable possessions.

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