Taking the stress out of moving house in Cardiff
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It is no secret that packing up and moving your home in Cardiff can be a very trying time in your life. If you're anticipating a huge change of scenery, the smartest thing you can do is measure up your situation preferably sooner instead of later. All areas have something of value to offer. However, it is best to prepare yourself in advance and get a better understanding of any unique challenges that may come about by doing a little research before you hire movers, pack up and hit the road.

As you start to get clear about your move, you recognise that you have begun to accumulate a lot of possessions. Many that have been with you for what seems like a lifetime, and others that can be given away. One sure fire way to keep your move from being a huge disaster is to have absolute clarity about which items you should keep and which ones you should toss or give away. Here are a few simple strategies and in essence, a reliable plan, that will help you to pack smarter and be better prepared for your move.

Create and Execute a Flawless System

In most cases you will have a ton of items you would like to keep, certain items you prefer to sell, specific things you feel as if you should give away and junk that must be thrown away.  As you sift through all the things in your home, get organised and place them into one of these four simple categories.  Something else to consider is to pack one room at time.  When you do this, you will see that unpacking will be a breeze. For instance, when you are looking for silverware, you will know that the set is in the kitchen box.

Take Advantage of the One Year Rule

Consider applying the one-year rule when moving your home in Cardiff.  The goal is to sort through anything you haven't used in a year and think about giving it away to someone who could make good use of it.  For example, you may have two blenders but only use one or own a pair of jeans you will never wear.  Instead of moving those items to your new home, lighten the load and give them away.  You will save money and time just by applying this one rule.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

It is not necessary to take on a big move all by yourself.  Let a professional mover give you the help you need and alleviate some of the stress that goes along with moving your home.  Professionals are clear on exactly how to pack, store and transport all of your belongings with very little fuss and virtually no headache.  Iron out the details such as delivery date, costs, and possible storage fees.  Getting clear on the details will certainly make your life and your move so much easier.

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