The Advantages of Using Dog Daycare in Santa Monica California
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Dog daycare can be a mutual benefit for both dogs and dog owners. For the pet, it provides an enjoyable location to socialize with other dogs. Much like children, dogs crave activity, attention, and supervision. Dog daycare is a fun place for dogs that are high energy and need a watchful eye. For the dog owner, dog daycare provides a peace of mind in knowing the dog is not home all day unsupervised. Similar to daycare for children, dogs are dropped off in the morning before the dog owner goes to work. At daycare, the dog can enjoy activities, eat snacks, and take a nap. Once the work day has ended, the dog owner returns to the daycare to pick up the dog. After a long day at work, dog owners are sometimes too tired to take the dog for a walk or play catch. Sending the dog to daycare is a good way to tire out the dog so evenings after work can be more relaxing. Dog daycare helps dogs release repressed energy by getting dogs out of the house. At Dog Daycare, dogs get more exercise while playing at the facilities dog park. Dog Daycare also prevents destructive behavior at home often caused by boredom. Dog owners usually notice that their pets no longer chew on shoes, furniture, and wiring in the home.

Premium Dog Daycare. Locations like Santa Monica, California offer premium dog daycare to match the living standards of the clients in the area. Locations in Santa Monica offer the same services as other dog daycares but top-quality services are also offered for those who like to pamper pets. A popular premium service offered at K9s Only dog daycare which is a wellness spa. Dogs can enjoy Aquatic Fitness, a massage, and even swim lessons. Some facilities in offer a salt-water lap pool set at a comfortable 92 degrees. Premium dog daycares offer aquatic massages or swimming. These services are beneficial to dogs after surgery or dogs with arthritis problems. The salt water pool is instrumental to healing pets and getting them back into a normal routine after trauma.

Premium dog daycares in Santa Monica, California also have an added benefit of not overcrowding their facilities. The number of dogs is limited to 25 to allow the dogs more comfort when socializing. Not only are the dogs more comfortable but it ensures safety of all the facilities visitors. For dogs that are not as social, premium dog daycares in Santa Monica also offer Private Yards. Private yards are reserved for dogs that like personal playtime. This premium service is also offered to aggressive dogs that may not play well with other visitors. In this way, pet owners all dogs are kept safe but can still enjoy the facilities. K9s Only, for more information on dog boarding and daycares.

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