The Brilliance of Handmade Diamond Jewelry
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Diamonds are definitely a woman’s best friend. The beauty, strength, sparkle, and fire that these diamonds bring is unmatched by other gemstones. They are made from carbon that has been crystalized by intense pressure and heat within the earth’s crust. In the past, sourcing for diamonds was limited to India. It has since been discovered that the deposits can be found in other areas such as Russia, Australia, Canada, Angola, Botswana, and various regions in South Africa. It takes millions of years for them to form, and they are perhaps the most coveted gemstone in the world. They have always symbolized everlasting love, and that is why they are often used in engagement rings, and in other jewelry that is given as a gift or to show affection.

Why Choose Handmade Jewelry?

Custom jewelry makers use diamonds probably more than any other type of gemstone, because people want the features that handmade diamond jewelry can bring them. From earrings and engagement rings to delicate bracelets and necklaces, handmade jewelry gives the personalization that people want. There is something intimately special about having a piece of diamond jewelry crafted to perfection to make someone feel incredibly special. The only downfall of having jewelry handmade is that it can take months to accomplish. However, the end result is well worth it when you see the precision cut brilliant diamonds sparkling in whatever setting you have chosen.

What to Expect When Commissioning Handmade Diamond Jewelry

The main reason people choose handmade jewelry, is because they can get exactly what they want, right down to the last detail. Design, shape, size, metal and other accessories can all be customized to suit the person who is commissioning the piece. Handmade jewelry is much higher quality than what mass produced pieces are, and they are made to complement the wearer. Whether you need customized jewelry because you want to give a special gift, want something special for yourself, or need to have it customized because you have a hard to fit body shape for standard jewelry, then you will have many more choices when you find a jewelry designer that will expertly craft whatever diamond jewelry you want. If you need the jewelry for a special event, then it is wise to contact your jewelry designer at least 10 months in advance if possible, so that they will have plenty of time to create whatever you envision. Depending on the amount of time it takes to create the piece, the grade of the diamonds, and other factors, you can expect to pay significantly more for customized jewelry than what you would pay for a piece that is already in stock.

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