The General Purpose of Bicycle Helmets
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During the mid-1970’s the first cycle helmet was marketed. It was a basic design with a hardened polystyrene lining, made to protect a person’s head if they bashed it while landing hard on a surface. The idea was to replicate the idea of a motorcycle helmet, but, in regard to design, because of the nature of a bicycle the helmet didn’t need to be so heavy –duty.

Australia has legal protection in place for the mandatory use of bicycle helmets when the bike is ridden on a public thoroughfare. New Zealand has also adopted similar laws, as has Finland and the United States. However, some countries are still locked in battles to refine the legislation regarding helmet use. In the united Kingdom there is no legislation whatsoever in regard to road safety, but children under sixteen are ‘encouraged’ to use bicycle helmets when using their bikes out in the street. Most adults have chosen to wear safety gear when they cycle and therefore it seems the public have taken the lack of law into their own hands and are doing what they can to actively prevent road accidents to cyclists.

The Purpose of Protection

You can’t out a price on the safety of your brain. The most important organ in your body is one that should be protected under any circumstances and generally a helmet will do a great deal to protect your head if you are knocked off your bike. Any time we hit our head, no matter how hard, we do some level of damage. The cells in the brain are so delicate that even a simple bump can kill thousands of them. That may sound drastic but put into perspective it simply means that most of the time we don’t notice the loss of cells because they don’t do us much harm. However, over time along with the severity of the damage the brain will suffer. When you ride a bike it is always best to wear a good quality helmet and one that will protect you if you happen to come off your bike or get knocked off it. Staying safe on the roads will cut down on the amount of accidents each year, also.

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