The Growing Trend of Charitable Gifts
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Have you ever wished that you could make a purchase and know that it truly made a difference somewhere in the world? What if that purchase involved an item that you or a loved one could use and enjoy on a regular basis? Well when you seek out organizations who specialize in charitable gifts, you can do both of these things! By browsing their selection, choosing your favorite, and submitting payment - you'll be empowering others in poverty-stricken areas to achieve a brighter, better future.

How Does It Work?

The companies who sell these charitable gifts will be registered as a non-profit. If you want to ensure that 100% of the proceeds go towards the cause, you'll definitely want to ensure that they have achieved non-profit status. From there, the company will distribute your money to their charity. From ensuring that people in Uganda receive a proper education to enabling the less privileged to have a job, most of these companies focus on giving people in under developed nations something to enhance their lives.

A Personal Connection

Some of the companies that retail these charitable gifts allow the purchaser or recipient to connect with the individual who made their item. This is the case when the company itself connects with individuals in these poverty stricken areas and allows them to get involved in the production process. This gives them work, income and mentoring on a daily basis. By signing their item, you'll know who made your gift and the company's website may even provide you with a way to say "thanks".

How Do You Spend?

With so many retailers out there charging an arm and a leg for things, wouldn't you prefer your hard earned money go towards a deserving cause? Do some research on these fantastic organizations and make a positive mark in these lives.

Krochet Kids International is a non-profit organization that provides a wide selection of high quality, handmade goods that directly benefit those in Peru and Uganda. By shopping their selection on today, you can do your part in enabling those less fortunate to live a happier life with a brighter future.


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