The Importance of Quality Heat Pump Repair in Glendale, AZ
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As a homeowner, when faced with issues with your heat pump, you may be tempted to try to look up information about the problem online and take care of it yourself. This can actually result in higher heat pump repair bills in the future, as hiring an expert to work on your heat pump is the best way to make sure that it is working efficiently and that any problems have been repaired.

Annual Maintenance

Having your heat pump inspected and maintained yearly is one of the best ways to avoid pricey repair bills. A heat pump expert will come to take a look at your unit and, while working on it, flush the drain to remove debris and check refrigerant levels. Any debris that has built up in the condensate drain will hinder the unit's ability to work properly. During this visit, the contractor will make sure that all of the connections are tight to ward off sparking or fire, and will make sure that the motor has the correct current and voltage.

Lubrication and Cleaning

Hiring heat pump repair in Glendale, AZ does more than just fix your unit. The contractor will keep the moving parts of your unit lubricated and also clean out the coils to make sure that nothing is building up on them. Failure to have these common maintenance projects done in a timely fashion will result in high repair bills.

Resisting the temptation to try to perform your heat pump repair will mean that all repairs done on your unit are performed by an educated and experienced contractor. Even small repairs, such as changing filters, should be done professionally, as you need to make sure to install the correct type of filter and place it in the unit in the exactly right position. Calling Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating is the first step toward making sure that your family is comfortable year-round.


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