The Many Options For Today's Class Rings
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Choosing your class ring is a monumental moment in high school. You look forward to the year you can choose the ring that best represents who you are. It is an opportunity to state what your high school career has included as well as share some accomplishments you have made during those years. Class rings are a timeless part of high school that are kept for many years and hold many memories.

When purchasing a class ring, there are many different styles to select from. The Classic style of a class ring is a choice of stone on top of the ring. Two sides that are customizable in order for you to tell your story, and the graduation year is very prominent. Another option for a class ring is known as Select. This allows your name to be raised over the side of the ring, which includes what activity you participated in during high school. The other side can include your school mascot and year of graduation, or you may include a second activity. The other two options for a class ring are the unique styles of Signature and Fashion. The Signature style is totally customizable to be unique only to you. Fashion is a more elegant or sophisticated option that usually includes a stone and the year of graduation. Your class ring can be as unique as you are.

The options for purchasing Class rings are as endless as the styles. You may choose to find a local jewelry store and shop in person. Other options include shopping online or by telephone. J. Jenkins Sons Company is an online retailer offering convenience as well as all of the styles of class rings. They also offer one additional style known as the Elite, which gives the option of a ribbon around your ring with wording that represents you. With all of the choices of retailers, purchasing a class ring has become a much more convenient experience.

Class rings are an opportunity for you to tell your high school story. They will hold many memories for you and, in order to accommodate that, retailers have now ramped up the number of styles offered. You can now tell your story in a way that is unique to you. Retailers have also taken it up another notch in making shopping for your class ring as convenient as possible.

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