The basics of rental management in Sacramento
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The basics of property management can be summed up succinctly.  The basics include marketing, leasing, managing, and maintaining of real property that is owned by another party.  Those involved in rental management in Sacramento work to facilitate a working relationship between three parties: the owner, the manager, and the tenant.  The focus is to ensure that all aspects of property management are covered to the satisfaction of all.

Who benefits from property management?

The benefactors of the services of a property management company are all three parties, but the property owner gains the primary benefit by having the stress of day-to-day management taken from their shoulders.  Most investment property owners learned long ago that owning income property is a lot harder than insuring it, listing it for rent, collecting the rent, or checking on its condition.  It is a difficult task that requires full-time attention for the venture to be a success.  If the owner does not have the knowledge or ability to handle all the legalities associated with leasing and renting property, then having the wherewithal to market, screen tenant applications, negotiate a lease, and provide 24 hours daily response to emergencies must be handled by a property manager.  Rental management in Sacramento will handle all the intricacies of property management on behalf of the owner, acting as a surrogate ensuring the property and the tenants are well taken care of.

To attend to these various duties, the property manager charges the owner a monthly fee that is taken from the rent.  The fee covers all the services that appear in the contract between the owner and the management company.  Of all the services rendered, making sure the property remains occupied by responsible tenants is perhaps the most important.  The property manager’s fee is usually tied to the amount of rent collected, so it is in his best interest that the focus of both the owner and himself are aligned.  The management company is keen on generating sufficient cash flow to cover all expenses, including their fee and providing an equitable return on the owner’s investment.  To make sure this happens, property managers have developed a screening process that includes a background check of the applicant, a credit check, the employment status, and the history of being a tenant.  The management company has a legally defensible evaluation process in place that applies to all applicants for property.  The objective is to protect the owner from unqualified tenants who prove unfit to follow the terms of the lease.

Once the property is occupied by a responsible tenant, the manager’s obligation is to keep them happy.  This is accomplished through routine inspections of the property and maintenance to keep the property in excellent condition.  For the owner, this task is completed at the lowest possible cost.

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