Tween Girls Clothing Can Be Easy to Find
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Most parents of tween girls have specific rules about clothing. In most cases, the clothing must fit properly and not be too loose or tight, skirts and shorts must reach mid-thigh or below and clothing can’t be see-through unless something will be worn underneath. This is typically the type of rules available to young girls and most don’t have much of a problem following them, until they go shopping and all they can find are those shorts that look like undergarments.

Following a few tips can make it easier to find the clothes your daughter wants that you find appropriate.


It is also good to set a budget, but you should make sure you set the budget at an appropriate amount. Having a budget too low will make both you and your daughter unhappy because she won’t be able to find what she needs and will complain, making you unhappy. To help combat the high price of clothing, consider finding coupons, using sales at the store, and even shopping at the clearance rack. These are all great ways to find great clothes at a decent price.

Though daughters may not agree, having a budget that is too large is also a problem. Tweens will want to buy more if they have the budget for it, so setting a budget that is lower can be more beneficial. Even if she doesn’t get everything she wants, she can learn about prioritizing and waiting. Just because you don’t buy out the store doesn’t mean you can’t go back and shop again.

Be Patient

Being frustrated is not a good way to start or finish your day. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to go shopping. Many people think you can get your shopping done in an hour or so, but this doesn’t usually work for clothes shopping. Therefore, try and make it a whole day of shopping fun with you and your daughter, and make sure you are both rested in the morning before you leave.

Try On Outfits or Know Sizes

It is always best to try on outfits, but if you want to do online shopping, you should have all the measurements and check out the company’s specific sizing chart. You will need to know your daughter’s bust, hip and waist size and will want to find the size that closely matches. This may be different than what your daughter usually wears.

If you are in need of some tween girl’s clothing, then you may be concerned. However, finding a great clothing shop, such as Butterflies & Zebras, will make things easier.

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