What are real estate taxes all about?
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Real estate taxes are often simply called property taxes, they are taxes that government units impose on the property owner for services rendered. The amount of tax usually is directly proportional to the assessed value of the property. Spring Texas real estate which has the highest value will also be the real estate that has to pay the highest taxes. 

There are some real estate taxes which are controversial in their nature. Some agree that they are fair and equitable, others say just the opposite. The thinking is that property which is worth more is owned by people who have the ability to pay more, simply because they were able to buy the property in the first place. Where the dispute comes in is when the value of property goes up but the income of the property owner does not go up accordingly. 

To help people who are caught in this trap, many local jurisdictions have implemented rules to ease the burden. For example, Spring Texas Real Estate taxes could be frozen at a specific level as long as the property does not change hands. There are other jurisdictions that will only raise the property tax to those with limited income and valuable property by a percentage of the rate of inflation. 

Real estate taxes are figured by using the taxable value and not the assessed value of the property. The tax is then calculated based on the levy which is being applied. 

There are often considerations that help bring down or at least minimize the amount of property tax levied, this is especially true when the home is the primary residence. Many states will offer what is known as a "homestead exemption" which bears a much lower rate of tax than properties which are commercial in nature or are being used as an industrial facility. 

Spring Texas real estate taxes are levied by the state. They may go directly to the municipality which helps to support the services that are expected from the local government. That portion that actually goes to the state is small in comparison to that which stays in the municipality. 

Due to their dependence of real estate taxes, many local governments attempt to increase the value of the properties, increasing their tax base. 

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