What can you expect from a jeweler?
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A jeweler is a professional artisan, he or she will deal with all aspects of the jewelry trade from designing one-off pieces to selling stock jewelry purchased from larger manufacturers. Many jewelers have their own business, others will work for larger retail outlets such as department stores. Regardless of where they work, they are all extremely skilled in the aspects of design and manufacture, many high profile jewelers will develop a unique range of designs for a single client.

One of the daily tasks of jewelers in Cincinnati Ohio is to sell and promote jewelry. In many cases the jewelry on display  will have been designed and produced by the jeweler, others will maintain an inventory of products from popular manufacturers and in some cases, the jeweler may sell from a catalogue and then order the piece especially for the customer.

Jewelers also repair jewelry as well as watches. Many jewelers are faced with taking an antique ring or other piece of jewelry and modernizing the setting. This may entail replacing any missing stones, adjust ring sizes and clean the ring using special chemicals that are not harmful to the material the jewelry is made from. The jeweler often has to think on his feet as people expect a price for repair when they first speak to the jeweler.

The most successful jewelers in Cincinnati Ohio are those that have conquered the art of design. Many customers are inclined to have one of a kind jewelry made especially for them rather than purchase and wear a common product. In many cases the customer will already have an idea of what they want, perhaps a combination of ideas that they have culled from various magazines. In other cases the jeweler will need to spend time with the customer in an effort to find out the likes and dislikes before they begin the design process.

Most jewelers are also appraisers and they offer this service at a nominal fee. Often, customers will bring in a collection of jewelry which needs to appraise for insurance purposes or to settle an estate. The process of conducting an appraisal is both visual and a written statement which gives the monetary value of the piece. Most appraised jewelry is also photographed and detailed by the appraiser.

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