What constitutes large format printing?
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Large format printing is little more than printing that is on a large scale, and by large, this can often be as large as 75 feet long. Scottsdale printers run across these demands for advertisements that are designed to attract as many people as possible. It is not just large outdoor advertising, large format printing can encompass banners, posters, window graphics and vehicle wraps. The medium is not paper, large format printing is almost always done on vinyl but can be done of canvas if so desired; both materials will stand up to long exposure when hung outside.

Large format printing can be seen almost anywhere. Often stores will print specifics on a sale item; they are used extensively at trade shows and are very common today in the political arena. The resulting graphics can be displayed outdoors or indoors, the material usually can tolerate both environments.

Many of these large format banners are used to push customers in the direction of purchasing items that are on special offer; they get the consumers attention and spell out the message quickly and easily. As the vinyl print medium is quite durable these banners can be neatly rolled and stored for use again, or they can be used in another store of a multi-store chain.

Posters, banners, wall and floor adhesives are commonly prepared on large format printers. Normally adhesives and large banners are printed on vinyl, many posters are intended for use indoors and not subjected to the elements; these can be printed on heavy paper or cardstock. Posters are often laminated or put behind protective glass and are often used in movie theatres, an office or a shopping mall. Floor adhesives are cool; they attract the attention of the customer and guide him or her right to the product on offer.

Scottsdale printers that do large format printing base their prices on a number of variables; obviously size is of paramount importance as is the type of material chosen to print on. A poster printed on heavy weight paper will cost less than the same poster printed on heavy weight vinyl. The costs are also often determinate by the printing detail; very intricate printing which consumes considerable ink will cost more than a simple text only banner.

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