Where Do You Buy Your Cigars These Days?
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Without getting embroiled in the debate about whether our paternal governments should allow us to smoke or not; the fact of the matter is that they do still allow smoking and show no sign of placing any actual prohibition on the sale of tobacco products in any form. For better or worse; what has happened over recent years is that more and more restrictions are being placed on who and where tobacco products may be sold to whom and where said products may (or may not) be consumed.

All of this; along with higher taxation on tobacco products (make smoking expensive and less people will smoke) has introduced a number of changes in the way people buy and use tobacco products. Smoke free restaurants, bars, transportation, public buildings, sports stadiums and workplaces (to name some) have reduced where we can smoke; which can be considered good news by non-smokers concerned over secondary smoke inhalation (and is a boon to those entrusted with keeping such premises clean); but has it really made much of an impact on the confirmed smoker’s daily consumption? As a smoker; I find the only aspect of today’s rules and regulations that has had any effect on my consumption might be the additional cost factor; which, so far has only had a minimal effect on me.

Plus, Maybe, A Secondary Effect

This one has not (yet) slowed down my consumption; but, it has got harder to actually purchase anything containing tobacco these days; especially fine cigars. I can live without the advertising; but, when cigars and cigarettes cannot be displayed on the sales counters; that makes it difficult for me to know if the shop even sells tobacco; let alone my favorite brand of premium cigars.

Forget Hunting Down Shops – On Line To The Rescue

At first, I was somewhat suspicious of any online shopping; was my payment secure (along with my financial details); would delivery be timely and would the goods be of the expected quality? However, getting to the shops; parking the car; finding everything I wanted – all this was become an extremely boring, time consuming, chore; so, I thought, what the heck; let’s try this online shopping thing.

I tried it out for a particular brand of cigar that I like and finding the online shop was simplicity itself; they were just a “click” or two away; they carried a large selection; but, finding what I wanted was dead easy and, the best surprise, the prices were very competitive (even after adding on any delivery charges).

I don’t know if they are the Best Online Cigar Store; but, I was smoking their first delivered cigar within a few days and it was in perfect condition. I cannot fault them on anything; so, even if not the Best Online Cigar Store, they would be nearly impossible to beat.

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