Why Use an Alternative to Water Softener Solutions?
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Water softeners are lime prevention solutions that replace calcium and magnesium molecules with sodium molecules. This is a method that some people use to deal with their lime scale problems in their home. Each lime prevention method has its pros and cons, but here are a few things you should know about water softeners.

Facts About Water Softeners

When you are comparing an alternative to water softener, you should keep this information in mind:

You must continuously add salt. For this method to work, you have to add salt repeatedly. If there isn’t any salt, calcium and magnesium will begin to develop mineral deposits again. Therefore, you have to monitor the salt level and make sure that it is working properly. Not to mention, purchasing salt means spending money. If the salt levels are low, you’ll have to replenish the salt or call the water conditioning company to do so on a quarterly basis.

It changes the water composition. When you add the salt, the salt will flow into the water. This will release chloride into your water stream. Assuming that you’ll drink the water, you will ingest the salt and whatever chemicals that come with it. Before deciding on a lime prevention system, make sure you understand the process and whether it will change the composition, smell, and taste of your water.

Required maintenance. Sometimes you may notice a change in your water quality and this will require inspections by the water conditioning company. The water will start to taste different and you’ll start seeing spots on dishes. This is a sign that the water softener is consuming salt at the proper rate, the salt is clumping together or the softener is stuck in a cycle.

If one of these facts is undesirable, you can find an alternative to water softener systems. There are a variety of systems that offer a range of benefits so look into things like water descalers, electronic descaling systems, and other water conditioning services and devices that are on the market.

Call a Water Conditioning Company

If you are not completely satisfied with your water softener or if the features of the system aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then call a company that specializes in water conditioning. Express your concerns and what features you’d like with your water system and they explain what options are available when seeking an alternative to water softener.

You have options when trying to prevent lime scale. Identify what features are important to you and select the ideal water conditioning solution for you.

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