Why you can never win the Blame Game with God
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How many times have you blamed your short comings on God? Have you looked at bad things that have happened to you or in the world and thought, “How can God let this happen?” So many people become angry at God as they blame him for all the troubles of the world. This is playing the blame game and when it comes to the blame game with God you can never win.

Taking Responsibility

God cannot be used as a crutch for all that is wrong in your life. When you are constantly asking yourself “Why me?” you are focusing on finding blame instead of improving your situation. God is the answer to improve your life. He is not the reason your life is not going as you planned. When you learn to understand that God loves you and wants your life to be free of suffering and strife you will slowly begin to recognize signs and messages from God that show you he is listening and trying to help. When you accept the fact that God is not at fault for hardships and more importantly decisions and mistakes you have made, you will find the truth really does set you free. As well when bad things do happen you will have the strength from God’s love to make it through the hardships. You can stop trying to fix the blame and instead concentrate on fixing the problems.

The Bible

It is easy to choose to ignore the bible when it tells us that God has given man free will and this is truly at the root of all the wrongs in the world. It is hard to understand why God, who loves us so deeply would allow the bad things in the world to continue to happen. Bible Commentaries Online can help you understand why the blame game never works with God. It can explain why God chose to give man free will and what that means to man kind. Learning to understand God means learning how to read the bible and bible commentaries are an excellent guide to provide you with insight and explanations that will make it easier to understand God’s message. Learning to open your heart to accept God’s love is the first step in growing in faith and allowing your faith to guide you to make the choices God wants you to make to find true happiness.

If you would like to learn more about bible commentaries online visit www.biblicalprophecies.net and discover the strength and enlightenment from understanding God’s message.

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