Auto Glass Damage: An Annoying Inevitability
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It’s frustrating, and worse distracting to have to drive with broken auto glass. In a place like Fort Collins, CO where the winter produces unsafe driving conditions distractions, even small ones, can take a heavy toll on safety. Getting auto glass replaced is quick, but it’s still not a fun process. The problem is that most of the things that cause auto glass to break, or otherwise require replacement aren’t within the control of the driver. It’s one of those things that is going to happen at some point regardless of how you drive, realistically it makes sense to just expect and accept it. However, it is worth exploring the causes of most auto glass replacement to understand why you’re not going to be able to prevent it.

The most common cause is a stone or rock on the road, or the back of a truck that is accelerated and bounces striking the windshield. It’s very common off of the back of certain trucks, they’ll be moving dirt and rocks, one of the rocks will fall loose and hit the ground then ricochet into a driver’s windshield. While it is somewhat possible to avoid these trucks, hanging back a bit can sometimes help. Sometimes though, the rock is propelled off of the ground. In areas where they sand the roads after a storm it’s not uncommon to have rocks mix in with the sand and get sent air borne. In general you want to keep appropriate distances from other drivers, but you don’t always have that choice. One other source of damage while moving is when kids throwing rocks and pebbles from an overpass or the side of the road. Sadly not much can be done by a motorist.

Sometimes though, it’s caused by hail, or something falling on the parked car. You can’t prevent all the sources of auto glass damage; instead your best choice is to just repair it when it happens. If it’s a part of an accident you might get someone’s insurance to chip in to help you afford it. If it’s a random freak event you’ll be left to carry the whole cost yourself. While it’s understandable to not like that, or want that outcome, there isn’t much that can be done. Your best recourse is to find people in Fort Collins, CO who can handle auto glass replacement cheaply and do the job well. If they do the job right and get it in properly, you might even be lucky enough to avoid a warped piece of glass. Just accept what happened and make the best of a bad situation.


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