Dealing with Water Damage in Carpets
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Carpets and water cannot go together. Water damages carpets by facilitating the growth of mold. Damp carpets produce an unpleasant odor. If you happen to get a spillage or flooding in your house, then your carpet stands at risk of water damage. Cleaning such carpets can take different approaches. This will depend on how bad the damage is and your type of carpet. The most important thing though is to seek for immediate intervention. If you act fast enough, your carpet will be restored to its original form. Contact your nearest water damage expert in Chesapeake VA  for assistance. Here’s more to it:

Remove the carpet from the flooded area in case water found its way to your living room. Put it in a place where it will drip all the excess water. This will only apply to those carpets that are freely laid on the floor without being fastened. For a carpet that is fastened to the floor, you need to call water damage Chesapeake VA technician. If it is just a spillage, use a rug to blot the water before cleaning it with disinfectant. Before you clean, test the carpet for any reaction to the disinfectant. You can apply it on a small spot.

Water type: The kind of water damage will influence the carpet’s restoration. Leakages from the bathroom or kitchen tap are considered clean as the water is treated and does not carry bacteria. It is possible to restore damage from such a source. Otherwise, flooding from an overflowing toilet or dishwasher is unsanitary. This means there is a potential health hazard. You may have to replace the carpet. Damages from natural flood calamities or sewage backups call for replacement. However, water damage Chesapeake VA experts can provide direction on such matters.

Small scale water damage: If the damage is from a clean source of water, you should first deal with the leakage. Make sure the tap is shut then start removing the overflown water. In case of a plumbing defect, you might have to call a plumber first. Apply disinfectant in order to prevent contamination or growth of mold. After you are done disinfecting, remove the damaged carpet and try to dry it by placing fans beneath it. Another alternative is to use dehumidifiers.

As the carpet dries up, desist from walking on it. This will prevent further damage or staining. At times, water can lead to delamination. This is where the material used to hold the carpet on the floor e.g. glue separates from the carpet. Another measure to undertake involves ensuring that you have removed all furniture from the affected areas. Stains or dye from furniture can be transferred to the carpet resulting in further complications.

The above points are simply stop gap measures for water damage. Make sure you get in touch with a cleaning professional to assist with restoring your carpet. Vist Atlantic Carpet Care.

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