How to Pack Like Professional Movers
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When moving across town or across the country (or even around the globe!), people have often got questions about how to pack their items most efficiently and in the best way to prevent broken items.  While some families may choose to hire a professional moving company to do the job, others feel more confident in moving themselves.  Professional movers who pack other people's belongings on a regular basis often have specific ways to pack items for a bumpy ride in the back of a packed truck that will best insure that they all arrive in one piece.

Large pieces of furniture are best moved with blanket padding.  While professional moving companies have blankets produced for this purpose, an individual can use comforters, quilts, blankets and other bed linens to get this same effect.  Blankets wrapped around furniture with glass fronts or delicate edges have the best chance of arriving in their new location without chips, dings, scratches or broken panes.

Books are probably the easiest items to pack, but there are two things you want to keep in mind with them.  First, books get very heavy if you pack too many in one box, so be careful not to over-pack a box of books.  Second, if it rains or moisture accumulates in the moving truck, books can quickly become moldy or mildewed.  It is best to line a box that you will pack books in with a plastic garbage bag or other plastic sheeting.

Dishes can be packed with kitchen towels wrapped around them or layered between them to insulate against bumps and bounces while transporting them.  Especially delicate glassware items can also be stuffed full of newspaper to further protect them.

Clothing can be bulky and heavy, but the easiest way to move hanging items is on their hangers.  If you have access to a hanging bar that you can cover with plastic sheeting while moving, that will be your best bet.  That way, when you arrive at the new location, you simply put the items into their closet without the hassle of having to re-hang everything.  If this is not an option, consider packing hangers with the hooks all tied together to prevent boxes full of tangled hangers upon arrival.

The most important tip that professional movers consistently give to individuals is labeling the boxes after they are packed.  There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home and having to move boxes of dishes from the bathroom to the kitchen or boxes of books from the kitchen to the study.  Label boxes as descriptively as possible.  If it is a kitchen box, you might label it "Kitchen: Plates" or "Kitchen: Pantry Items" for the most efficient placement of the boxes and ease of unpacking.

There are many things one can learn from a professional mover.  If you do not choose to use them for your next move, consider their tips for a successful move.


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