Learn About Vinyl Flooring In Tucson
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Learn about vinyl flooring in Tucson when planning to install a new or replace the floor in your house. Vinyl floor is one of the many flooring options available today. It is an economic and reliable option that is easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl not only wears well but is also resistant to water and soft to the feet more than other flooring options. Vinyl flooring installation is a manageable do-it-yourself project.

Basic facts about vinyl flooring in Tucson

Vinyl flooring is available in sheet, tile or self adhesive vinyl tile. Sometimes it is easy to confuse between vinyl and linoleum but while linoleum has natural ingredients vinyl is synthetic. Vinyl has some very favorable features that are attractive to homeowners. Vinyl is much lower in cost compared to other flooring options. It is ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry area and basements as vinyl is water resistant. There are numerous style selections available that can match with your home décor. Vinyl can also be made to look like marble, natural stone or natural wood.

Vinyl flooring comes in few options. No-wax vinyl is not polished but has a shiny look. It is also stain resistant. Urethane vinyl is more durable than no-wax vinyl along with other features. Enhance urethane’s has better durability but is more expensive. The functional life for vinyl flooring in Tucson is about 15 years.

Tips for do-it-yourself for vinyl flooring in Tucson

Make sure that the sub-floor is even and smooth otherwise the imperfection will be visible. If the sub-floor is plywood, use a leveling compound to even the surface. Clean the surface of all tiny dust particles. Dust on the sub-floor makes the bonding of the adhesive to the vinyl sheet or tile very poor. You could install a ¼-inch plywood underlay as an option to provide a level surface.

Check out all the angles and corners of the room and create a template with asphalt roofing felt paper. When tracing the template to vinyl, add extra quarter of an inch. Use a seam cutting kit to ensure that seams are exact and straight. Once adhesive is applied to the floor, you can start laying out the tiles. Self stick vinyl is even easier to install. You will need to simply peel off the backing and stick the tile in place.

Find a contractor for vinyl flooring in Tucson

The best way to find a contractor for vinyl flooring in Tucson is through referrals from friends, families, local flooring stores or neighborhood businesses. You can also do online research on the contractors in your area.

Once you have the shortlist created, schedule appointments for the measurement and estimate. Contractors for vinyl flooring in Tucson might offer this service at no cost. You should plan to get at least three competitive quotes and feel free to ask questions if the quotes are too high or too low in comparison.






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