Types of Retirement Homes
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Aging is a natural process and nobody can avoid this. After working too hard and preparing for your retirement, now the time has come - you are retiring. It is now time for you to stop thinking too hard about everything and enjoy this period.

The main question will be -- where will you and your spouse be spending your retirement years? Some people are lucky enough to have children who will take care of them, but what about those seniors whose children are far away? What’s the solution? A retirement home in Putnam is the most ideal place for you to spend your retirement years.

If you are an elderly with severe health condition and disabilities, living on your own without your children can be a serious problem. What if something happens to you and your family members are far away? They cannot always be there to assist you 24-hours, seven days a week. Therefore, living in a retirement home in Putnam is the most ideal choice.

However, there are several types of retirement homes that you can choose from depending on your needs and health condition. To help you out, here are some options with their corresponding description.

Nursing home - this is suitable for elders who need full time nursing care due to their disabilities and health condition. Elders living in nursing homes are provided with full-time assistance while doing their activities of daily living. Therapy and recreational services are also provided in this facility.

Independent Unit - refers to several separate units equipped with personal bathroom, kitchen and living room. This is ideal for those who are still able to live independently, but still needs someone to check on their condition periodically. Transportation services are often provided for elders who are living in their units.

Assisted Living – this is almost similar to independent living, but elders in assisted living get more service such as meals, 24-hours emergency response, housekeeping assistance, laundry services and regular check-ups. In addition, assisted living is suitable for those who have difficulties in doing some household chores.

Hospice Care - this facility is intended for elders with terminal illnesses, but it also offers support for family members. The care combines the comfort of home and medical treatment.

Respite Care - this facility offers caregiver services on temporary basis from a few hours to several days.

Adult Day Care - this is almost the same as the child day care. When the caregivers are away, their aging clients go to the community centers that provide daily meals and enable them to meet with other residents.
So, which type of facility is suited best for you? Before you choose, you have to consider several factors, such as cost (as it may vary depending on your choice and services available), and the surroundings (whether the people are friendly, the customer service support is always available). About the fee, you can pay a fixed cost that cover an entry contribution, taxes, charge and special expenses for special projects or activities.


Retirement home in Putnam can be the best choice for you to enjoy your retirement years. To find out more about facilities and costs there, just go to www.countryhouseretirement.com.

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