10 Performance-Based Sales Habits that Yield Remarkable Results

There always seems to be one person in a sales department who meets and exceeds their monthly sales quota. This is great for the company the individual works for, but it can be bad for the overall morale of the sales department who could end up resenting the effective sales associate, or even let the over achiever on the team do all the work. What few people realize is that they can learn the performance based habits that the high selling individual relies on and quickly start to generate the same high yield in sales.

Commit to Creating New Habits

You should know that you won’t start generating a high yield of sales right off the bat. It will take some time. The trick to performing well will be creating outstanding sales habits. Like all habits, it takes some time and a lot of repetitions before these habits become second nature. You need to be patient.

Get To Know Your Product

Good sales people know their product inside out. This extensive knowledge lets them put together an attraction sales pitch that they can effortlessly adapt to each client they deal with. Set aside large chunks of time which you should use to explore all the different ways the produce you sell could enrich the lives of your clients.

Believe in Your Product

If you don’t believe that the product you’re selling is good, neither will your clients.

Be Pro-Active

The biggest mistake that many sales people make is waiting for sales opportunities to just happen. You need to become pro-active. Seek out opportunities to pitch your product, with the right pitch, you’ll be surprised by how many random encounters result in a sale.

Create a Plan

You should never plunge head first into a sales situation without a plan. You should also have this plan memorized. The plan makes you seem prepared and confident.

Be Adaptable

Yes, you should have a plan for pitching your product, but each person you know will be a little different, and you will need to tweak your original plan in order to drive home a sale. The better you know your product, the easier it will be to adapt your sales pitch.

Chase Away a Negative Attitude

When you’re having a bad day, you need to change your schedule and stay in the office doing paperwork. You shouldn’t be talking to prospective clients who will pick up on your negative attitude and no longer be interested in doing business with you.

Hone Your Time Management Skills

Good time management means you’ll never be rushing from one sales call to the next, nor will you be sweating bullets about not being able to meet an upcoming quota. Plan each day out ahead of time, and make sure you leave yourself enough time for minor emergencies and problems that could crop up.

Get Organized.

You’ll find that people seldom take you seriously if you’re not prepared. Taking a couple extra seconds to make sure you have everything in order could be the difference between making a sale and failing to land one.

Learn to Communicate

Some people have natural communication skills, connecting to others is never a problem for them. Other aren’t as lucky. That doesn’t mean your days as a sales person are limited. You simply need to explore training opportunities that will help you hone your communication skill, and increase the number of sales you generate over the course of a month.

The Sales Coaching Institute offers sales training articles that provide all sorts of valuable information that will help you learn how to develop the sales habits which will generate a high yield.

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