2 Way Radios Guide for Beginners

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2 way radios transmit and receive signals via the air. The transmission is similar to the way a telephone works. However, they do not use a network. This gives them the ability to operate anywhere. Also called walkie talkies, these gadgets can facilitate conversations between people who are miles away from each other. GMRS and FRS are the two commonly used frequencies. FRS has got a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 channels. The channels in GMRS range from 15 to 22. Both systems share channels 1 to 7.

GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service while FRS means Family Radio Service. These are bands used by walkie talkies. Dealers of 2 way radios DC are always at hand to explain these categories. There are also communication experts to assist you in selecting the right kind of gadget for your needs.

Some information on 2 way radios is highlighted below:

  • Privacy: Walkie talkie frequencies are public. Anyone on the same frequency as yours can listen to your conversation. To illustrate, if you are on channel 6 for instance, a voice message from your device will be sent and picked by anyone tuned to channel 6. You will also listen to all conversations on this channel.

  • Channel selection: There are some federal regulations on the usage of frequencies. FRS channels have a range of between ½ mile and 1 mile. The power usage is also low at 0.5 watts. GMRS channels have maximum power output and range. Such frequencies require licenses.

  • Crowded frequencies: Sometimes people can jam the frequencies used on 2 way radios. Should you notice that many users are on the same channel, you are advised to make a switch. You see, 2 way radios DC have a maximum of 22 frequencies. In crowded places such as amusement parks, they might all be in use. To counter this problem, you need a mid range radio with an ability to break single channels into sub-channels. An alternative is to make use of a privacy code.

  • 2 way radios use AAA or AA batteries. Others have rechargeable batteries with charging components. You should get some normal batteries as part of the walkie talkie pack. You may need to use a regular battery set especially where the charge drains and you do not have a charger nearby.

  • A 2 way radio comes in handy during outings or vacations. Should you get separated from the main group, a walkie talkie can help you locate others whereabouts. If you are doing a much longed for road trip, the radio helps people in different vehicles communicate.

  • When shopping for a 2 way radio you can choose from the 5 main brands available.

2 way radios DC – You will also require accessories for your 2 way radios to operate at their full potential. There is more to learn on walkie talkies. Visit our website for more details.

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