4 Energy Efficient Features You should Look for When Buying Garage Doors

Do you want to make the garage in your home climate controlled? If yes, then, you should buy insulated garage doors. There are a number of energy-efficient features of insulated garage doors that can be beneficial for you. Going through this article will help you learn about them. Happy reading!

Let us have a look at the energy saving features of garage doors:

1. Polyurethane insulation:

Polyurethane insulation delivers maximum insulation to a garage door.

Also, it adds to the durability, and strength of a garage door.

It also provides soundproofing, which leads to noise reduction while door operation.

Its R-value (the more the R-Value, the more is the insulation) ranges from 12.0 to 18.0.

2. Expanded Polystyrene Insulation:

It provides rigidity, and offers excellent protection from ravages of the elements like sun, water, and wind.

It also aids in noise reduction while opening, and closing of the garage door.

Its R-value ranges from 5.0 to 10.25.

3. Thermal break as well as Air Seal:

These two features prevent heat loss when there is metal to metal contact between the internal and external surfaces of the garage doors.

4. Weatherseal

To protect a garage door from rain, wind, and water, a vinyl bottomed Weatherseal is attached to it.

When buying garage doors, you should consider the features mentioned above. This will help you buy the best quality products. However, just buying the product will not do, you have to get it installed properly, otherwise it will be of no use, right? When it comes to installation of garage doors, hiring a skilled technician is a wise decision in comparison to doing it yourself. However, you should check the following before selecting any particular company:

You should check where they employ experienced and skilled technicians.
You should inquire if the technician they are sending to your home is properly certified.
You should look for preventive maintenance options.
You should also inquire whether they employ licensed and insured technicians.

Inquiring about the things mentioned above will help get the best possible services when buying and installing garage doors. If you search properly, you can easily find a reliable company offering quality services at affordable rates. Click here for more information.

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