4 Reasons to Have Your Wedding on a Golf Course

A wedding is an important day for a couple. It should be memorable and beautiful. Picking the right venue is one of the most important parts. Consider a Lake Geneva wedding at the beautiful Abbey Springs Golf Course. Here are 4 reasons to have your wedding on a golf course.

1. Spacious

A golf course provides plenty of room for your guests. This is perfect for people who have a large guest list or just want to ensure people have plenty of room to move around.

2. Beautiful

Abbey Springs Golf Course is a beautiful location. You will have great backdrops for all your wedding pictures. These pictures will hang in your home for the rest of your life, so you want them to look great.

3. One Location

Several weddings force guests to attend the wedding ceremony in one location and then wait and travel to the location of the reception. Help make things more convenient for your guests by having everything at one easy location. You can have a priest come to the golf course if you want a religious ceremony.

4. Food and Beverage Options

You have the choice to have the golf course cater to the ceremony for you to make things on your big day as easy as possible. And you know the food will be classy and delicious!

Call Abbey Springs Golf Course to start planning your Lake Geneva wedding. It’s a beautiful location with convenience to allow you to focus on what’s important on your big day.

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