5 Important Reasons to Buy a Used Car From a Local Dealership

When you need a new car, but you’re on a tight budget, buying a used car from a dealership is a worthwhile effort. You’ll get all the features you’re looking for, but at a much more reasonable price. Read on to learn why you should shop at used car dealers in Joliet, IL.

Immediate Savings

The best reason to buy a used car instead of a new one is the savings you’ll see. Buying a car that’s just one model year old may help you save thousands, and if you’re willing to go back a few model years, you will save even more. With a lower upfront cost, you’ll get more features than you’d otherwise be able to afford.

Lower Insurance Costs

Along with the lower upfront cost or monthly car payments, used cars tend to cost less to insure. Because used vehicles have lower values than new models, insurers won’t charge as much for coverage.

Decreased Depreciation

Most of us buy cars to get where we need to go, not as investments. However, depreciation is still an important consideration. If you plan to sell your car later, used models have less depreciation than new ones.


With cars from used car dealers in Joliet, IL, you’re guaranteed to get reliable transportation. By selecting a model from one or two years ago, you’ll be able to read consumer reviews and feel more confident in your purchase decision.

Diminished Environmental Impact

Don’t forget that used cars help the environment. When buying a new vehicle, all parts must be manufactured. With used cars, the parts are being reused while they still have potential. Buying a used car reduces pollution and conserves resources.

Whether you want a certified pre-owned or a used vehicle, contact our experts at Ron Tirapelli Ford, Inc. View our selection at RonTirapelliFord.com or take a test drive at our Joliet location.

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