5 Reasons to Outsource Email Answering Services

According to a study by eMarketer in February 2011, 87% of internet users checked personal email daily in 2010, a number that has changed little since 2007. And among those with a separate email account for commercial email, that is the B2B crowd, 60% checked that account daily. With the figures being so high, companies just cannot afford to ignore providing email support to their existing and potential customers. But why do a lot of companies choose to outsource  email answering services ?

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Email Answering Services

With emails becoming the primary means of communication with customers and an essential relationship-building tool, many companies are turning to outsourcing email answering services. This is because, although providing email support is so crucial for a business, most companies feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails bombarding the inbox. Here are the top five reasons for outsourcing your email support needs:

1.       Send Standard Responses Easily: While a company may receive a large number of emails, a very high percentage of these require only a basic or standard response. These responses can be easily handled by a provider, rather than deploying your firm’s resources for this activity.

2.       Focus on Your Core Processes: A company can outsource email answering services, thereby freeing up resources to focus on the core competency of the business. This could drastically improve employee productivity, saving money and boosting profits.

3.       Lower Your Costs: A company can save on overhead costs associated with infrastructure, hiring, training, maintaining the payrolls and IT by opting for outsourcing.

4.       Better Services to Your Customers: A provider of help desk services would have the necessary infrastructure and trained manpower in place to provide quality services. Also, a company can gain access to the latest technology by outsourcing. A provider of help desk services and email answering services would have the necessary technical expertise to offer professional services to your customers, back up their sensitive data and save your time.

5.       Better Services to You: Apart from responding to emails sent by your customers, a provider of email answering services would also organize the emails and direct messages to the appropriate person in your organization. This improves efficiency and reduces the response time.

While there are many benefits of outsourcing, identifying the right provider is the biggest challenge. One would need to identify a company that specializes in providing email answering services and other help desk services and provides these services 24*7, giving businesses the much needed edge in today’s highly competitive world.



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