A Brief Look at One Dental Implant Process Available Near Northbrook

If you have a broken or missing tooth, a dental implant near Northbrook can be the solution. This procedure will leave you with stable teeth that do not move. There are several reasons why people choose this option over dentures. The implant looks like a natural tooth, and it is relatively easy to take care of. Once it is in place, speech and nutrition may improve.


To prepare for a dental implant near Northbrook, you will first need a dental exam, which typically involves x-rays. Your dental team will review your medical history and medications. If you are a fit for the procedure, you will get instructions on how to prepare for the appointments. You will get eating tips, and you may need someone to drive you home.


There are a few steps involved in getting an implant. The first part is placing the implant in the jawbone. Then a post is positioned, and finally, the crown is set. It takes a few months before you see the finished product.


To maintain the new tooth, you should schedule routine dental cleanings and practice good oral hygiene at home. Ask your dental team about special toothbrushes or other cleaning recommendations. Avoid chewing on hard or excessively sticky foods, such as ice and certain types of candy. If you grind your teeth, your dentist may suggest treatments to stop the grinding because this action could affect your implant.

This procedure offers many lifelong benefits. For more information on getting a dental implant near Northbrook, contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles.

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