A Comprehensive Study Of Wireless Temperature Sensing Devices and Humidity Sensors

by | Oct 15, 2011 | Business

Scientific research and development has given us many gadgets that help us to closely monitor many conditions. These include temperature, humidity, light and sound levels and similar parameters. These conditions are important in research as well as in daily life. Let us take a quick look at theses different conditions that are treated as parameters in experiments and research and how they are measured.


The amount of moisture present in the atmosphere or the humidity is measured using two types of products. Automated humidity sensors are available in the market that are mainly used in situations where the humidity levels need to be monitored closely on a continuous basis. Most of the makes are moisture and high temperature resistant and can withstand high humidity conditions while giving accurate readings. These are every useful in experiments and analytical operations that need 24 hour readings. The inbuilt memory provided in these sensors store the readings and make them available for computation.

Humidity is also measured using hygrometers. These may not be always accurate and need proper handling and storage conditions. You can however, get near accurate readings with some of the best makes. Although hygrometers are not applicable in highly specialized cases of experimentation, they are still being used for less specific purposes.


The temperature conditions in any environment governs the functioning of all the systems present in it. These include biological and physical systems that are present in the environment. Therefore, temperature is an important parameter in all forms of experimentation. All products, be it industrial, commercial or medical, are set to temperature standards and released in the market with specific temperature regulations. In all cases, detailed experimentation and research is undertaken before the products are launched.

Remote or  devices are used in all high level experiments that require monitoring of strictly set parameters. Specially in lab experiments, medical procedures, and product analysis, these devices allow 24-hour monitoring of the heat and cold conditions of the environment. Wireless temperature sensing devices that are available in the market today are a convenient mode of closely maintaining the changes in temperature during a specific process.

Every make of wireless temperature sensors are made up of two units. The two units are the transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter unit has the sensor that measures the temperature. The reading is transmitted using the transmitting module present along with the battery circuit of the unit. The receiver unit receives the reading using the receiver module that either displays it on a LED meter or indicates danger using red and green lights.

With wireless temperature sensing and humidity sensor, every controlled condition can be closely monitored. You only need to go for the elite makes for reliable data.

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