A Guide to Choosing an Ice Luge

If you are organizing a get together and require an ice luge, you will need to go to a professional. They can guide you with a unique design which will make your event stand out. You can even carve one yourself if you think that you have the skill. Your guests can have fun waiting for their drink to arrive via the ice luge in a chilled and colorful form.

You should look on the net for companies which provide these kinds of services. You can make a list of a few of them based on your requirements. In case you know someone who has organized a similar event, you can ask him or her for suggestions.

You should be clear on the size of the block of ice that you want. It should not be too large, otherwise it will be unmanageable. Find out the minimum size you require keeping the design and the number of guests in mind. You should order in advance so that you can be sure that you will get the item when you need it.

You may have to pick up the ice luge in a truck. These can be difficult to handle in and out of cars as they weigh a lot. Check with the company in case you want recommendations for an ice carver. Decide whether you want a single channel ice luge or multiple ones.

Choose a company which is a member of the International Packaged Ice Association. You can then be sure about the quality of the product. Visit the facility if you like to see the infrastructure for yourself. In case you have any clarifications you can ask the company staff.

Check the working hours of the company so that you can visit accordingly. You should look for a company which has been in this industry for a while. Check the number of years that they have been in business. You can then feel confident that you will get reliable service.

You should look for a reputed company when you want an ice luge. Long Island, NY residents should look for one in the area so that you can expect speedy service. Ask about the lead time required so that you can inform them in advance. You can then receive it in time for your event. This will also give you time to check whether your order has been correctly delivered.




 Ice luge Long Island, NY  – Be careful when you order an ice luge. Long Island, NY residents should consider Long Island Ice and Fuel which has been in this business since 1880 and can create custom designed luges for your event.

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