A Large Demand for Off Campus Student Housing in San Marcos, TX

Texas State University provides education to more than 38,000 students as of 2019. Its enrollment puts this school in the top 20 largest colleges and universities in the country. Many people appreciate off campus student housing in San Marcos, TX, that includes furnished apartments close to the school.

Relevant Statistics

Only 19 percent of these students live on campus or in housing affiliated with the university. The other 81 percent attending TSU must find another form of housing unless they are already living on their own or are still living with their parents. Only new first-year students younger than age 20 must live on campus, although exceptions are made for those living with family.

A Satisfying Lifestyle

When TSU students are ready to move to off campus student housing in San Marcos, TX, they are excited to get out of the residence halls and have a more private lifestyle. A large majority have roommates when they move off campus so that their rent is affordable. Living with other individuals can allow them to live in a nicer place, too. They might even find a pet-friendly home and enjoy having a new feline companion.

Fewer Restrictions

In this apartment setting, the residents must abide by the rules of the complex, but those rules are less restrictive than those of residence halls. People of the legal drinking age will be able to keep alcohol in their apartments, for example. Anyone interested in off campus housing may check out the website of Redpoint San Marcos.

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