ABC’s Of Water Main Repair

Think of a day without the supply of water due to a fault in the main pipelines. It would cause a lot of inconveniences, not just to a single household but, to a number of families depending on the common supply system. A water main is basically a pipeline that moves water from the purification or treatment plant to the house of the consumers like you. On the way to the household from the treatment plant, it travels through a primary pipeline, which leads to a number of secondary feeders. Such feeders expand the reach of the distribution unit. The interruption with the supply of potable liquid occurs when there is a major fault with the main pipeline. That is why it is important to ensure water main repair on time so that you never have to live a day without the supply!


What happens in a distribution system?

The water is collected from different sources like collected rainfall, diverted rivers, reservoirs, and  underground sources. From the reservoirs it is then channeled to the treatment plant where purification and treatment are done to remove microorganisms, sediments, and toxins. Chlorination is also done to make it fit for drinking. After the treatment it is distributed via a chain of pipelines into the houses.


How do faults occur with the main pipeline?

Generally, the water is pressurized down the pipes during the distribution. A number of faults can occur with the pressure in the main pipeline. If the pressure is too high, it can cause the pipes to burst. Similarly, the pipes can degrade with time and fail to function properly. There are also be regular wear and tear problems as the pipelines turn old. If damages occur, water main repair services should be called immediately. In certain cases there are accidental damages. Sometimes construction works sever the buried pipelines. The water main repair experts, in such a situation, replace the damaged section of the pipes promptly. The water distribution system should be maintained regularly, failing which will cause water problems and scarcity.


Whom to contact in such a situation?

There are a few reputed plumbing companies that comprise expert plumbers. You should make it a point to contact the experts who are well equipped to handle problems with the water main. Remember the water main repair cannot be handled efficiently by just any plumber. Therefore, you need to make sure that the plumbers you are choosing are experienced and equipped for such tasks.


So, the next time you experience faulty water supply, do not ignore the need for a water main repair. Call an expert to check the condition of the main pipelines immediately.




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