Acupuncture: A Safer Alternative to Migraine Medications


Migraine sufferers endure a grueling experience every time pain episodes strike. This condition can cause intense pain that poses profound impact in the lives of many people. Although there are countless prescription and over-the-counter drugs available, many are still on the lookout for safer alternatives that lack the serious adverse effects common to such drugs. This is where traditional Chinese medicine comes to play.

In ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture DC offers powerful relief of headaches and migraines. Today, this ancient treatment is still widely accepted as an adjunct to modern medicine. Both the experts and lay people recognize the benefits that this healing technique guarantees. If you are a suffering from chronic migraine, there are qualified acupuncturists who specialize in the relief and management of this condition. Moreover, you can try comprehensive treatment program that consists of ancient Chinese herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle change. Take note that migraine results from a myriad of factors and not only limited to the physiological state of the body.

In fact, in Chinese Medicine migraine episodes are not recognized as a single syndrome that happens to different people. Instead, it is a condition that is specific to an individual and can only be treated uniquely using different techniques. Usually, the ancient Oriental Medicine considers these bouts of headache as an imbalance in the energies of the body. To restore the harmony of the body’s energy, a variety of treatment techniques are used such as acupuncture DC, tui-na massage, Chinese herbs and meditation. Therefore, the acupuncturist will run diagnostic test prior to choosing which treatment plan to carry out, much like what they regularly do in the hospital setting.

The patient will have to account the pain experience. Where is it located? When does it normally occur? What events precipitate the attack? What alleviates the pain? How do you describe the pain experience? A review of health history creates a clear picture about your condition on which the practitioner bases the plan.

Qualified acupuncturists are trained in treating different cases of migraine. They will usually have different treatment approaches for each client. In most cases, a treatment program that works for you may not work for your friend. This is because the imbalance in energies that flow through the body or Qi (the basic foundation of Oriental medicine) is unique to every patient. Chinese medicine believes that pain episodes arise due to the imbalance in these energies. Over time, the channels or meridians where the energy flows may be obstructed or unbalanced resulting in physical symptoms such as headache. In order to revert or restore the cyclical flow of energy, needles are introduced on specific pressure points. This stimulates or unblocks the channels allowing continuous flow of Qi.

Through the years, this ancient healing practice has tremendously evolved and has become a science of its own. Practitioners of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture DC undergo careful training and special education before they can actually treat people. Contrary to what other people think, this ancient healing tradition is actually safe for your health.

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