Advantages Of Montessori Child Care Services

With most families needing two incomes to survive, daycare has become a necessity for many. There are many different types of daycare and Child Care Services in Flossmoor IL. Some are similar to a drop-off daycare centers that take care of children on an as-needed basis. Others are basic daycare programs for infants and toddler’s that provide safe and secure supervision for children while their parents work. Some daycare centers provide preschool and Kindergarten educational opportunities for young children, similar to traditional elementary classes the children will attend when they are older, and others provide educational opportunities through the Montessori methods, allowing the children to explore and learn at their own pace through play.

Montessori educators believe that play is “work” for a child. This is the way the child grows and learns about the environment around them. Montessori classrooms, or daycare rooms, are set up in a specific manner, unlike traditional classrooms. Throughout the classroom, “stations” are set up to encourage the children to move about the room as they desire. The teacher does not direct the students as in a traditional classroom, but instead observes and encourages the children in their pursuits. The entire classroom is set up in a child-friendly way, with appropriate sized furniture and materials. Many of these materials are used to mimic adult activities that children love to emulate, such as cooking or cleaning up. There are areas for children to work independently, and other areas where children must work together and cooperate, teaching the children to share and respect each other.

Young children usually have a thirst for knowledge and are eager to learn. Sadly by the time they are school-aged, many begin to lose this zest for learning, in part due to the set up of a traditional classroom. The Montessori way of learning continues to foster the children’s love of learning throughout the educational years and helps them become lifelong learners, as it is known that life is the best classroom of all. When looking for Child Care Services in Flossmoor IL, you can learn more about this specialized instructional method at Council Oak Montessori. You’ll be glad you did and your children may reap the benefits for a lifetime.

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